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We provide exceptional value to our clients by bringing to bear our integrity, our professionalism, our experience, and our education to help our clients achieve their goals.

A client once said, “clients don’t want lawyers to solve legal problems, they want their lawyers to help them get into something … or out of something.”

We pride ourselves on being able, within our fields of expertise, to help our clients get into something … or out of something in the most expeditious, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

As a small law firm, the attorneys at McDonald & Adkins, LLP limit their practice to their areas of expertise. Kenton McDonald, an experienced lawyer both in tax law and tax controversy work, has years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and estate tax planning, and a former senior official of the IRS, has seen most tax problems from both sides. Similarly, Alissa Adkins, a seasoned trial lawyer and former Judge, and Mike Gibbs, formerly General Counsel of Whataburger, have seen major litigation from all sides. Although we do not have the capability to assign five attorneys to a complex piece of litigation, we do have the ability to assist in that effort. If your matter requires more lawyers than we have, we work well with other counsel of the client’s choosing to add value to your team.

If your matter is “right sized” for our firm we can help solve your problem efficiently and effectively. We do not do everything, but what we do we do well. We have no problem telling you whether we are a good fit to solve or assist in solving your problem. We take pride in our ability to be “good value for money”. The most expensive legal work you can receive is bad legal work. If we can’t do something well, we simply won’t do it.

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